Saturday, January 9, 2016

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Awaiting final grooming before being shipped.     

Greetings from Virginia Beach!

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These birds are a result of visiting the Florida aquarium. Can you tell we visited the Salvador Dali museum the day before?

After moving across the country with only a few things, I had to start collecting art supplies again. I love this corrugated paper I found at a discount store. The silk flowers were in the barn.

Savannah, Georgia left a very strong impression on me with her noble beauty. But there was definitely a worn and tattered feel that I tried to capture as well as the undercurrent of other-worldliness that runs through that town like nobody's business.

The barn.

One of the rough girls

I can't get Savannah out of my mind and she's starting to color everything I'm working on. While there we also went to the Girl Scout museum which is in the former carriage house behind where Juliet Low grew up. So that was like a dream come true too - standing in the garden where she played when she was a little girl and started dreaming up the idea of Girl Scouts.

A scene from a popup based on Savannah. For more pics plus additional dioramas, please visit my main site.

Another - pictured here before wardrobe. 

I love spring break still and remember my mother saying it always came in the nick of time especially if it had been a Rough Winter.

I was thinking about some of the attics in Savannah. Now you just know they are something to behold. Nowadays there are people who spend summers there and I could picture the toys and puppets in the attics waiting for the children to return.

Then I thought about The Kids Who Had A Rough Time Of It Last Winter and how they should get to get out of school a week earlier for summer break to go ahead of everyone else and get everything spruced up. Here's some of the kids in progress.

One of the backup singers.

I started making puppets when I was little and put on plays with elaborate soundtracks, set and scenery changes and costume variations. I picture the Kids From Rough Winters as having unlimited resources to create wild and wonderful theaters and sets and lighting ... so this whole group ended up with matching outfits because I think they must be Choir Members or Backup Singers. They are quite a handsome and dignified bunch and all are holding up well with only minor signs of age consisting mostly of some shiny and/or bald spots here and there as well as some neat patching with tidy stitching.

Visiting the aquarium and the Dali museum back to back with the spell of Savannah still sharp as can be led to these birds along with plans for fish and monkeys and rodents and octipi and snakes and yes gators! Florida teems with life. Even in February it's a buzz everywhere.